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Cogeneration System - CHP Installation and Maintenance

  • JTS Mechanical Systems Inc. are specialists who are certified, licensed & dedicated to quality and excellence in all that we do. That's why Yanmar has chosen them to be the authorised distributor of their products. JTS is the company you can count on. We can help you on a new project, repair issue or be available 24/7 for emergency calls. Let us know how we can help!
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CHP – Cogeneration Systems


Cogeneration System – CHP Installation and Maintenance

Cogeneration, often referred to as combined heat and power (CHP) is the term used for a heat engine or power station to generate electricity and useful heat simutaneously. Cogeneration uses fuel more efficiently allowing otherwise wasted heat from electrical generation to be put to productive use. At JTS Mechanical we services all makes and models of CHP Cogenerators, however we specialize as a distributor and installer of Yanmar systems.

The Yanmar Ene Power (EP) cogeneration system is a mid-range output cogeneration system that uses gas to generate electricity with hot water, or electricity with hot water and steam. With its world-class power generation efficiency and flexible heat reclamation, very high total efficiency can be achieved by integrating the Yanmar EP cogeneration system package into a suitable application. This high efficiency typically gives reduced energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.