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JTS MECHANICAL - Generator Repair and Installation

JTS Mechanical Systems Inc.
Electrical Generator Service & Maintenance

  • Generator Installation – Site Survey - We will site survey your building to offer you a choice of backup generator options to suit your budget, to find the most cost effective system.

    Generator Installation – Design - JTS will design from scratch a purpose built generator system, providing the schematics and electrical drawings that you will need should planning applications be required.

    Generator Installation – Generators – You can choose to have your diesel, gas or NG generator built in any of the following ways and choose what size of fuel tank, colour etc. And even which control systems you prefer. JTS systems use engines from all the major generators engine suppliers so You can choose the backup system, that most suites your needs.
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We do a complete 7 step process during a generator maintenance check-up.

1. Lubrication Service 2. Cooling System Check 3. Fuel System Check
4. Testing Batteries 5. Routine Engine Exercise 6. Cleaning
7. Exhaust System Inspection