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Mechanical Engineer doing his design of pressure vessel

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Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Design for modern buildings involves many facets and depends on detailed coordination. Design of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, generator and boiler systems are each an exact science. At the same time, they are also an exacting art, requiring a deft hand of creativity, inspiration, and experience to successfully execute. We strive to integrate our designs into architecture and interior designs in a sympathetic manner. While doing this, we are exacting as to our thoroughness and quality of design. Our designs are personal, in that our engineers and designers sweat the details and attend to the project beyond the end.
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Mechanical Engineering Applications

► HVAC Systems ► Water Filtration Systems ► Lighting Systems
► Factory Automation ► Water Heating systems ► Security Systems
► Signage ► Refrigeration Systems ► Boiler Systems