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  • JTS Mechanical Systems Inc. are electrical contractors who are certified, licensed & dedicated to quality and excellence in all that we do. Whether its heavy industrial electrical in a factory, commercial retail lighting in a shopping center, or illuminating a backyard near you...JTS is the company you can count on. We can help you on a new project, repair issue or be available 24/7 for emergency calls. Let us know how we can help!
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We Service, Repair, Replace, Install…

► emergency lights, fire alarms and smoke detectors ► Electrical system (service panel) upgrades
► Systems wiring for office and store lighting ► Knob and tube replacement
► Installation of signs ► Changing fuses to breakers
► Office furniture ► Installation of plugs for appliances (stoves, microwaves, washer/dryer)
► Dedicated circuits (printer, copier, server) ► Installation of ceiling fans
► Isolated ground circuits ► Systems wiring for outdoor lighting
► Systems wiring for office and store lighting ► Aluminum wiring replacement
► Lighting contactors ► Corrective wiring – Repairs or upgrades to comply with current code requirements
► Panels and distribution equipment ► Installation of decorative or accent lighting
► HVAC Power ► Systems wiring for smoke detectors
           …and much more            …and much more